5 Easy Ways to Cut Cooling Costs This Summer

As we head into the dog days of summer, temperatures in Orange County will continue to rise, which can put a strain on your HVAC system, as well as your wallet. The team at Excalibur are experts in all types of air conditioning maintenance and repair, meaning we assist you with maintenance and repair of your cooling systems to stay cool all summer long.
While air conditioning maintenance and service will assist you in keeping your Orange County home comfortable, there are a number of other tasks that you can do to help lower your cooling costs this summer. The Excalibur team recommends the following tips to keep your cooling costs down this summer:
Keep your Air Filters Clean: Making sure that your home air conditioning filters are clean can help your HVAC unit work at peak efficiency. Dirty air filters mean that the A/C system has to work harder to push cooler air into your home, so making sure that air filters are clean can help your air conditioning system cool more effectively.
Use Ceiling Fans or Circulating Fans: A fan will help circulate air in a room, allowing you to experience a “wind chill effect” that will help keep you and your family cool. To save energy, make sure that the fans are turned off when no one is in the room, because the cooling air from fans works on people, not the room temperature.
Close your curtains: If your home is facing the sun the majority of the day, keeping your blinds closed can reduce heat in the home by up to 45%. Light colored or reflective blinds work best to help deflect the sun’s warming rays during hot summer days.
Kitchen and Bath: Using the oven in your kitchen to cook or boiling on a stove-top can raise the temperature in your home from ambient heat, so take advantage of a grill by cooking meals outside during the summer. If you need to use your oven, try to cook in the evening when temperatures are lower and use kitchen exhaust fans to remove warmer air. In addition, for the bathroom, use an exhaust fan to remove warm moisture from your bathroom to help keep it from moving in your home.
Consult a professional: If your home isn’t cooling efficiently or if you haven’t had your HVAC system inspected in some time, consult a professional for maintenance and repairs to your home HVAC. Using preventative maintenance can help save on costly repairs to your home cooling system and eliminate problems before they happen.
Regardless of where you live in Orange County, the air conditioning experts at Excalibur can help you keep your home cool all summer long. If you need assistance with HVAC and air conditioning maintenance and repair, as well as electrical, plumbing or drain & sewer services, call 714-400-2378 or visit our website for more information today!