5 Landscape Lighting Upgrades in Irvine You Should Consider

Turning your backyard into an outdoor oasis is as easy as upgrading your landscape lighting. The right lighting has the power to transform any space, and with help from Excalibur, you’ll create an outdoor area perfect for entertaining. With a team of talented electricians, Excalibur offers landscape lighting upgrades in Irvine that will complete the look of your outdoor property. If your backyard could use a boost, consider these landscape lighting ideas.

  1. Showcase Your Trees: Your trees make the perfect focal point, and placing a light at the base of each tree will create a stunning effect. Point the light upward so that it shines through the branches and highlights the trunk as well as the foliage. You can also place downward facing lights within the branches to create unique shadows and patterns.
  2. Light Up Your Home: If you’re proud of the unique architectural features of your home, landscaping lighting is your opportunity to show them off even when the sun goes down. Pillars, stacked stones, and arches are all features worth highlighting that will cast dramatic shadows across your property.
  3. Line Your Driveway: A driveway lined with decorative lampposts or outdoor lanterns will guide guests to your home in style. To pull off this look, be sure to avoid over-lighting. A driveway with too much light will end up looking like a runway. Place your light features far enough apart that they illuminate the edges of the driveway without being too harsh.
  4. Brighten Your Patio: The sunset shouldn’t be a reason to head inside when you’re entertaining friends or family, but traditional patio lights create a harsh, blinding light that wrecks the ambience. Consider diffusing your downlighting from above your patio to give the area a nice moonlit effect.
  5. Illuminate the Water: Water and electricity typically don’t mix well, but there are popular landscape lighting upgrades in Irvine that include lighting fixtures that were designed for underwater use. Hide the light behind some rocks to give your water feature a natural glow.

There is no limit to your creativity when it comes to landscape lighting upgrades in Irvine. The experienced electricians at Excalibur will help you achieve the look that you’ve always wanted. Call them today to schedule an appointment, or visit their website to learn more about their lighting services.