5 Questions to Ask Before Water Heater Installation in Fullerton

When you’re seeking water heater installation in Fullerton, you may have your sights set on the latest model type, but the truth is that it may neither meet your needs nor fit into your budget. Many homeowners make the mistake of growing impatient during the process and install the nearest water heater they can find. Of course, this will only lead them with a water heater that will only give even more headaches than hot water!
Excalibur is here to make sure you get a great water heater installed by a high-quality service company. We want to make sure all homes across Fullerton are equipped with a water heater that can meet the unique, individual needs of our customers. Our team of plumbers are here to show you how to go about avoiding the duds and getting the real deal!

What Should You Ask Before Water Heater Installation in Fullerton?

Don’t want to get stuck with the wrong water heater? Take our advice and ask the following questions before hiring anyone to do the job:

  1. “What Are Your Qualifications?” Before even deciding on what type of water heater you want installed, you need to choose the right water heater installer. If they’re licensed but a newbie to the business, you want to avoid working with them as there’s higher risk they make some mistakes during the installation process.
  2. “Do You Offer Estimates?” In addition to the question above, if a service isn’t willing to give you details on any estimates, they’re not to be trusted. A great water heater service will you estimates on the cost of installation, annual operating costs, and more. You also need to know the costs of any additional work out water heater installation.
  3. “Do You Offer Warranties?” Alongside estimates, a great water heater service company will give you the option of a warranty that will cover the cost of labor and production. You need a high-quality water heater that will cover your back!
  4. “Do You Offer Sizing?” If you install a water heater in your small basement without sizing, you may be stuck with an ill-fit water heater that’s simply too big! A highly-trained professional will know to conduct measurements before any installation is performed.
  5. “Do You Provide Storage Type Options?” Ask your water heater installer if they also offer tankless water heating. They can offer incredible energy efficiency and longer lasting performance. If conventional water heating doesn’t work for you, then by all means see if your water heater installer can provide you with tankless options.

Contact Excalibur today for your next water heater installation in Fullerton CA and we can help you get the perfect system for your home!