5 Types of Electrical Troubleshooting in Anaheim

Troubleshooting at its root is simply a process of elimination where one determines the true cause of a problem by eliminating other potential causes. The electrical wiring system in your home or business is an intricate affair and you’ll want to hire an experienced professional to handle most issues safely and effectively. You can try to handle some of the minor issues yourself. You can also troubleshoot minor electrical problems so you’ll be able to pinpoint the issue for our electricians.

  1. Check Your Circuit Breakers: Simply turning your circuit breakers off and then on again may solve a simple overload issue. Circuit breakers were designed as a safety measure that shuts itself off when it reaches overload. This safety feature prevents electrical fires and the possibility of electrical shocks.
  1. Check Your Outlets: Your problem may be limited to a single electrical outlet. Check to see if the other outlets in close proximity to the non-working outlet are in fact working. If no outlets are working, call in the pros. If a single outlet isn’t working properly, the cause could be frayed wires, water damage or a host of other problems.
  1. Check Your Switch: You expect the lights in your home or office to turn on or turn off at the command of the light switch. When this doesn’t happen, start with the simplest troubleshooting solution first. Make sure your light bulb is screwed snuggly into its socket. Test the bulb in a different spot to make sure the bulb isn’t defective or worn. Check to make sure your bulb is the correct wattage. Still not working? Give us a call.
  1. Check Your Wires: We use electricity to power a plethora of things in our Anaheim residences and businesses. Technology has made this possible and commonplace. Check your home’s appliances and your businesses office’s equipment and other electric-dependent features for frayed wires. Take a look at your refrigerator, washer, dryer, window a/c, television, office copier, computer bay and more. Check these items for fraying, hot spots, a burning smell or a visible break in the wiring.
  1. Check Your Connections: Everyday use can make one lax in common activities. With the power turned off, check that lightbulbs sit snuggly in their sockets; cords are seated firmly in their outlets; and that there is no deformed plastic around electrical outlets. Loose-fitting connections can lead to a host of problems including incomplete electrical conductivity and potential burn hazards.

Try these simple troubleshooting techniques. Always keep in mind, however, that electricity is not something to be tampered with if you’re at all unsure of yourself. There’s a reason Anaheim residential and business clients have trusted us for over 50 years. Whether you need major or minor electrical work, we have the major expertise to shine a light on your electrical system and get it up and running like the well-oiled machine it is.