Ask Our Local Plumber in Yorba Linda, CA: How Can You Save Water This Summer?

It may be hard to fathom, but the state of California is entering its fifth year of a statewide drought. Water conservation is more important than ever before. In fact, the state has set emergency drought regulations for residents and limiting water use for anything ranging from showering to watering the lawn. While residents across the state have made progress in conserving as much water as possible, not following regulations can still lead to them paying a costly fine. With that in mind, our local plumber in Yorba Linda, CA is here to keep you within regulations.
While Excalibur can offer excellent plumbing service, we also offer a helping hand in ensuring you’re not paying the price for excessive water use. Our plumbing repairs will work to help you save water so you’re not spending too much on bills, even if it comes down to fixing that minor leak in your faucet. Plus, water conservation isn’t just for having more water to drink or use for a shower. It will also help in bettering the environment and serve as one step closer to making the environment better for us all.
Our local plumber is more than willing to share with you a few water-saving tips that will prove ultimately beneficial in the fight against a statewide drought, including:

  • Shorter Shower Times: There is nothing more relaxing than a warm shower, but lengthier shower times are exactly the sort of thing that will cause those water bills to skyrocket. If you live in a home with a larger family, hot water will be used up quickly, so it’s important to divide 10 minutes between each shower to give a heater a rest. A 4 minute shower will only use between 20 and 40 gallons of water.
  • Used Bottled Water: Always keep a pack of bottled water in your home. Bottled water will keep water usage low while still being able to provide you with replenishment. However, be sure to not overly rely on bottled water either, as it can neither be cost-efficient nor friendly to the environment, especially when you consider those plastic water bottles can take a toll on your local landfill.
  • Check for Pipe/Faucet Leaks: You may think a minor faucet or pipe leak isn’t that big of a deal, but did you know you’re wasting up to thousands of gallons of water if you don’t get it fixed? Allowing any leak in your home to persist can result in something much more costly down the road. Please call a local plumber in Yorba Linda, CA to inspect your plumbing system once you suspect leaks are in your home.
  • Locate Your Shut-Off Valve: In the event of a pipe burst or any other significant water loss, it’s important to know where your shut-off valve is located. It is usually located in the basement, attic, or crawl space. A shut-off valve can save you from at the last possible moment from severe water loss.

Contact Excalibur today if you want service from our local plumber in Yorba Linda, CA so you can save water in your home!