Avoid These 3 Common Mistakes with AC Installation in Anaheim!

AC installation in Anaheim is an absolute must if you expect to live through the hot Californian weather in peace. When temperatures reach closer and closer to the triple-digit mark, living without an AC in your home can the worst possible you make during the season. It’s important to call for installation now so you can avoid facing the consequences of no cool air later.
However, while having an AC in your home is undeniably important, the installation process must be conducted properly. Whether it be due to an impatient homeowner or a rookie technician, an improper installed AC can result in some long-term problems with your cooling system that may wind up costing you more money. This can range from frequent system breakdowns to constant coolant leaks.
If you want AC installation in Anaheim done right, you should call Excalibur. Our technicians will ensure your home is equipped with an AC that is the perfect fit. Though we work quickly as possible to supply you cool air, we want make sure the work is done right. After all, haste can leave room for mistakes, and you certainly don’t want to take chances with your AC system during the warmer months.

What Should You Avoid with AC Installation?

No matter what, you should always leave AC installation in the hands of licensed professionals. Otherwise, these 3 mistakes may occur:

  1. Failing to Seal Air Leaks.Window-mounted units need to be properly sealed in order to work effectively. At the same time, if you’re installing a central air system, you need to check the air ducts for leaks. There is also the possibility of our air duct being blocked by dirt and debris, which can actively prevent cool air from entering your home.
  2. AC Installed Too Close to Electronics: When you install an AC too close to a television, computer, stereo or even a kitchen appliance, the heat the appliance emits will cause the AC’s sensors to register a higher temperature than the room temperature. This can prevent you from receiving the coolest air possible and increase the risk of an electrical fire.
  3. AC is Not Properly Sized: Have a professional conduct sizing for your cooling system to make sure you’re installing an AC that can fit within your home and provide an adequate amount of cool air. Installing an improperly sized AC is a huge waste of money that will see you pay for cooling that can’t even meet your needs.

Contact Excalibur today if you want AC installation in Anaheim that will avoid these 3 mistakes and ensure you’re getting the best cool air possible!