Before Turning on Your AC, Follow These 4 Tips for AC Maintenance in Fullerton, CA

Hot, sunny weather will be here once again in the next few months, and you may need AC maintenance in Fullerton, CA before the season truly gets underway. You won’t experience that much fun under the Californian sun when your AC isn’t working to provide you cool air, so it’s best to take care of it now than later. In fact, when you’re caught up in all the spring and summertime buzz, you may want to turn on that AC right now.
But wait one second, as the team here at Excalibur thinks it’s important for you to know a few things for turning on your cooling system for the season.  Don’t just assume your AC will be working well the first time you turn it on. You may need to shake off any cob webs and iron out any kinks so you can receive high-quality cool air all season!
AC Maintenance in Fullerton, CA: Follow These 4 Tips!
Don’t allow your AC go to waste! Take action in making ready for the warmer months ahead by conducting the following:

  1. Change AC Filters: After a long period of inactivity, your AC filters are probably dirty. Dirty AC filters can reduce efficiency by preventing you from getting the best cool air and making your system work even harder to produce it. Changing them regularly will reduce your AC’s energy consumption by at least 15%.
  2. Seal Air Leaks: Unsealed air leaks can lay claim to almost 30% of your airflow, which means you’re losing plenty of cool air that would otherwise keep your home comfortable. In the event of air leaks, please use foil tapes to seal up small gaps. For window AC units, put foam in between the system and the window frame.
  3. Prevent Overworking: Your AC may bring you plenty of cool air for the warmer months, but you need to do your share in making sure it doesn’t become overworked. Running your AC in conjunction with any ceiling or floors fan to generate a greater flow of cool air. Above all else, always consider alternative methods of cooling like opening windows and ceiling fans to keep energy costs down.
  4. Check Drainage Pipes: There may be a good chance your drainage pipe is blocked if you haven’t used your AC in months. A blocked drainage pipe is one of the many problems with your AC that can prevent proper air flow and hinder indoor air quality. Check the pipe before turning on the system and see if there is any blockage you can remove.

Contact Excalibur today if you want to learn more about AC maintenance in Fullerton, CA and see how you can ensure you have cool air in your home!