Excalibur Warns California Home Owners: Test Your Drinking Water Supply

Orange County leader in residential home service cites U.S. drinking water study that shows California residents are at risk for contaminated drinking water

YORBA LINDA, Calif. November 10, 2016 – Excalibur, a leading residential electrical, plumbing, heating and air conditioning company serving Orange County, California, is urging California residents to test their drinking water supply to ensure it does not contain unsafe levels of industrial chemicals.
According to a recent Harvard study, poly- and perfluoroalkyl substances (known as PFASs) were found to exceed the U.S. EPA’s lifetime health advisory in drinking water supplies for 6 million U.S. residents, with California leading 13 states that accounted for 75 percent of the unsafe supply.
PFASs are used in a variety of applications, and the highest levels of PFASs were found near industrial sites, military bases and wastewater treatment plants.
“It’s unfortunate that California was the worst offender for these substances,” said Brian Vardiman, owner of Excalibur. “But ultimately you want to have the peace of mind knowing that the water you and your family drink is safe and free of contaminates that have been linked to a host of health problems, from cancers to hormone disruption.”
In light of this news, Vardiman urges residents of Orange County and the surrounding areas to get their water quality tested immediately.
“The only real way to know if your drinking water is affected is to get it tested,” said Vardiman. “Most water quality tests will run you about 80 bucks and some companies will even do them for free. If your water is contaminated, you’ll want to talk with an expert about the best solutions available to you. We’re always looking for alternatives to contaminated water, but bottled water is expensive and bad for the environment, while filtered jugs may not always filter out these specific chemicals. Not to mention the fact that most households fail to change the filers as frequently as they should. If this describes your family and your water is contaminated, it might be time to consider a home water treatment system or other options that are available to you.”
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