Consider These Easy Solutions for Drain Cleaning in Yorba Linda, CA!

So you have a clogged drain. It happens to us all, though usually at the worst of times imaginable it seems. And if you’re a new homeowner or haven’t yet had to deal with plumbing issues on your own, this problem could seem like quite an issue at first. Lucky for you, most clogged drains can be cleared out with an easy fix. While professionals like us at Excalibur are available locally for heavy duty drain cleaning in Yorba Linda, CA, we recommend you try a few of these easy home remedies before you call in the big guns.

  1. Boiling Water: Depending on what is clogging your drain, simply cleaning the drain with boiling or very hot water may do the trick. Make sure you pour it in three stages, allowing a few seconds between pours. We recommend you always try this simple remedy first.
  1. Baking Soda and Vinegar: Another easy-to-do DIY drain cleaning solution is baking soda and water. Take 1/3 a cup of each, mix them together and pour them down the drain. You’ll notice that they will immediately begin to fizz on contact. This is good, and is the chemical reaction which will help unclog your drain. Let it sit for an hour to overnight, then flush with hot water.
  1. The Wire Hangar Trick: Here’s another easy DIY option you can do with household objects. Go find an old wire hangar, pull it apart and straighten it out. Now make a hook at the end. Push that end into the drain and use it to pullout anything that is clogging the pipe, like hair, hard grease or a foreign object. If all goes accordingly, you’ve cleaned your drain for the cost of a coat hanger.
  1. The Wet and Dry Vacuum: Okay this one may be a bit more heavy duty. If your above mentioned tricks haven’t cleaned the drain, it may be time to break out the power tools. For this you’ll need a wet and dry vacuum (this is important, a regular household vacuum will just break). You’ll also need a towel. Leave a little water in the drain, and put the end of the house onto the drain. Next put the towel around the house. If it’s wet, this will help create a seal for the suction. Now turn on the vacuum and let it do its job.
  1. Call a Professional: If all else fails, the easier (and potentially only) option is to call in a professional. You know when you call a professional like Excalibur for drain cleaning in Yorba Linda, CA you’re getting excellent quality for an equally excellent price. Nothing is easier than that!