Five Things to Never Flush Down the Toilet

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Sewer and septic systems are designed for a very specific purpose. Adding modern convenience items to the system can cause serious plumbing problems, which in turn, can become a serious money problem for homeowners and rental property owners. To avoid expensive repairs, never send the following five things down the toilet:

  1. Anything made from cotton: Cotton balls and swabs will not dissolve in water and will clog pipes.
  2. Dental floss: Floss isn’t biodegradable and can contribute to pipe clogs.
  3. Disposable cleaning wipes and sponges: Wipes and sponges don’t break down like toilet paper. Not even those marketed as flushable are acceptable for flushing down the drain.
  4. Feminine hygiene products and disposable diapers: These highly absorbent products are designed to soak up liquid and will not dissolve in water.
  5. Hair: Hair doesn’t break down in water, it floats and gets stuck as it moves through the system.

“The toilet is something we all use daily,” said Brian Vardiman, owner of Excalibur. “It has one purpose and should never be used as a general disposal for things that belong in the garbage. Some may be surprised to learn that items marketed as flushable aren’t. Disposable wipes can collect in pipes and cause a system backup. Sewer systems can process two things – toilet paper and human waste.”
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