Garbage Disposal Dos and Don’ts

While a number of homeowners in Yorba Linda, CA have garbage disposals in their homes, the team at Excalibur has found that many homeowners are often confused about how to treat their garbage disposals and kitchen drains. Putting the wrong things in your kitchen sink or garbage disposal can cause major plumbing problems, so we have created this list of garbage disposal “dos and don’ts” for Orange County homeowners.
Garbage disposal dos:

  1. Do run your disposal frequently to keep it running smoothly.
  2. Do turn the water on first, then turn on the disposal. Turn off the disposal while the water is running, and turn off the water last. This practice helps the disposal stay lubricated during operation.
  3. Do use cold water rather than warm or hot. Hot water can cause slimy items to stay slimy and are harder to grind for the disposal.
  4. Do cut up large items. Home garbage disposal units have limitations and the smaller the pieces are that are being ground, the better job it will do.
  5. Do use an odor or disposal cleaner in your drain, especially if there is a large number of perishable items used in your disposal. If a rank odor persists, call Excalibur to a complete inspect of your plumbing and disposal for any problems.

Garbage Disposal Don’ts:

  1. Do not try to grind fibrous materials, such as corn husks and artichoke leaves. Your disposal is not meant to handle these types of items and can break more easily.
  2. Do not put whole fruits or vegetables in the disposal. Large items like these need to be cut up first to ensure proper disposing, while keeping in mind that fruit rinds can be difficult as well.
  3. Do not place pasta or rice in the disposal. These foods are starchy and sticky, and they also expand, causing problems for your disposal in trying to remove these items.
  4. Do not pour grease, oil or lard down the disposal (or drain). These products can coat the blades of a disposal while also leaving an unpleasant odor as the components degrade.
  5. Do not put non-food items in your disposal. We have seen things like cigarette butts, hair ties, bottle tops, plastic baggies, you name it. The quick rule of thumb is that if it’s not food, don’t put it down your disposal.

Excalibur is available in Yorba Linda and throughout Orange County on a 24/7 basis to fix a plumbing emergency in your home, but we recommend following these suggestions to keep your garbage disposal and kitchen drains working at peak efficiency in your home.