Heating Tune Up – How Important is it?

Orange County Heating Tune-Ups

When it comes to getting your heating tune up, most homeowners wonder how important is it – really? Sure companies try to use scare tactics for everything to try to get you to buy products and services. But isn’t that all it is – a scare tactic?

Professionals in a specialized industry do always tend to think their service is the most important service. But this isn’t pool cleaning or roe bush trimming we are talking about. This is about checking the unit in your home that is fully responsible for keeping your home and family warm during the chilly Orange winter months.
Too often, homeowners notice possible warning signs and red flags that indicate their heating unit is about to go on the fritz. With busy schedules and a tight budgets sometimes taking the ostrich head in the sand approach seems the best way to avoid dealing with a possible problem. But when the furnace breaks in the middle of the night during a winter storm, you are going to wish you didn’t ignore the warning bells.

THE DIY Guide to Heating Inspection & Tune Up

The truth is that it is always a good idea to let a pro do your inspection and tune up work. But if you simply insist on at least doing the preliminary checkup on your own, here are the basic steps to use:

  • The visual inspection – While some things may be visible to only the trained eye, there are also some instances in which the average person can see something is clearly not right. Leaks, cracks or even just buildup are all examples of things you can spot on your own.
  • Remove the covers & check the filter – These often need replacing or at least a good cleaning in order to help the system work correctly.
  • Check the blower – of course never do anything that involves sticking your hand some place or touching electrical wiring etc. Safety comes before all else – even if it means saving a few dollars.
  • Remove and clean the burners
  • Reassemble the components
  • Perform a safety test
  • Depend on the Pros

If the thought of any of these steps make you nervous, that’s good. It means you are wise enough to know it might be better to let trained experts take care of things. An inspection is a minimal cost and can detect any possible bigger problems you may not see.

At Excalibur our goal is to make sure your home and family are protected. Our roots began in 1920 which means we have been servicing the fine Orange County community for generations and decades. Let us be the heating tune up pros you rely on, any time day or night.

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