Leak Detection in Irvine: How Can You Detect Leaks in Your Home?

Ah, yes, leak detection in Irvine—it’s a tricky thing, right? A large part of what makes leak detection so difficult is that pipe leaks are not immediately visible, since most of them form under flooring or between walls. You can have a real nightmare of a pipe leak in your home without even realizing it was there in the first place. A scary thought indeed, and the worst part is that it may see you having to spend plenty of money on water damage repair that can be incredibly time-consuming.
But there is hope, because the folks at Excalibur are here to help detects leaks in your Irvine home. We know how disastrous a single pipe leak can be, which is why we’re always ready to give our customers a few pointers on how they can detect leaks by themselves. The faster you can spot leaks, the faster you can call the team at Excalibur for leak repair. We’ll fix leaks to keep plumbing nightmares far, far away from your home.

Common Indicators of Pipe Leaks

Not sure when to give us a call for pipe repair? Here are a few common indicators you pick up on so you’re not stuck without help:

  1.  Take Note of Mold Growth: Mold can be harmful to breathe in, leading to breathing and respiratory problems. However, mold will come wherever moisture festers, and mold growth due to pipe leaks will only make this worse, so call for service immediately once you start seeing mold growth in various areas of your home.
  1. Higher Water Bills: Did your jaw drop when you saw the cost of last month’s water bills? Pipe leaks can waste up to thousands of gallons of water that could be used for other purposes, leading to bills racking up. Trying to keep up with high water bills can be stressful, especially if they show no signs of lowering. If you want to learn how you can save money, call Excalibur now!
  2. Look up the Ceiling: Are you noticing blotches starting to appear on your otherwise perfect ceiling? Then it’s possible a pipe underneath your bathroom on the second floor of your home may result in your ceiling becoming stained due to water damage. A sagging ceiling is indicative that the water from the leak is reaching the area, which can result in an even bigger mess.

Contact Excalibur today if you want to learn more about leak detection in Irvine and we’ll be happy to provide you!