5 Types of Outdoor Safety Lighting to Consider

Outdoor safety lighting is essential in terms of lowering the risk of home break-ins. You may think a break-in won’t happen in your home, but the threat of intruders is real. A home without any lighting on its exterior will be much more susceptible to break-ins, especially come nightfall. If this applies to you, it can be tough relaxing in your home at all knowing your family’s well-being is at risk, and certainly won’t ensure you will be able to enjoy life this fall to its fullest. Not only will this prevent you from ensuring 100% home security, it will also considerably lower your property value on the market. Homes without outdoor safety lighting are not appealing to a potential buyer looking for a home that will look out for their well-being. A potential home buyer will be less likely to take a second look at a home without any outdoor safety features because it both heightens the chance of a break-in and also does not provide a path to safety in the event you need to evacuate your home.

Why Should You Call Excalibur?

Excalibur is here to provide you with high-quality lighting installation that will cast new light on your home’s exterior as soon as possible. We do not want to see homeowners across the area feel uneasy about their home security this season, and that’s why our team of licensed electricians will always be ready to go when you need service. Our electricians are some of the most professional available and can provide you with new insight into your home’s electrical needs. Even just a few minor additions can do so much to dispel intruders from coming close to your home. Plus, it can turn that property resale value around for the better so potential buyers will be more likely to take another look at your home. Perhaps most importantly, you will be able to enjoy the fall more knowing your family is being kept safe. If you are unsure what outdoor safety lighting would be right for your home, a better peace of mind starts when you call us for service.

5 Types of Lighting to Consider

With so many different lighting options available, it may feel like you are getting pulled in different directions. Making it more difficult is that some lighting options are better suited for some homes more than others. However, if the team at Excalibur has any say in the matter, we recommend you install these 5 types of outdoor safety lighting for guaranteed home safety:

  1. Pathway/Driveway Lighting: Nothing is more welcoming than coming home from work and having engaging lighting greet you when you pull in the driveway. Pathway and driveway lighting enhances the front of your home, allowing for a safe pathway to enter and exit. This is especially helpful in the event of an emergency in the middle of the night which would require you to evacuate. And while you may think a break-in through the front entrance is unlikely, an intruder may attempt it anyway and you need lighting that will alert that someone is home so they stay away.
  2. Flood Lighting: If you are looking for a way to make your home highly visible at night, installing flood lighting is one of the best ways to do it. They shine so brightly that it gives intruders little space to hide. In addition, they can also boost home aesthetic up to new heights. Flood lighting can cast lighting on trees and shrubbery, as well as give light to smaller architectural features of the house.
  3. Motion Sensors: Motion sensor lighting is one of the most effective forms of lighting in electrical safety, as they will turn on at the first sign of motion. This type of lighting will flash so suddenly that it may even scare away the intruder. When installing, these lights should be mounted closer to the home, as you would not want the lights to flash for any passing cars or passersby. This will ensure the intruder will have to get up close to the home, leaving them in a difficult position once the motion sensors detect a problem.
  4. Post Lanterns and Torches: While post lanterns and torches are primarily used for decorative purposes, they are also useful for preventing break-ins from the backyard. Intruders will often try to enter the home through the back under the belief this area will be less protected. However, by installing these lights, they will feel less inclined to do so and will be detected once they even make an attempt.
  5. Outdoor Hanging Lights: If your front porch or doorway is unlit, here is your chance. Outdoor hanging lights offer further protection to the front of your home, allowing you to enter and exit safely. It will also add new dimension to any architectural features, allowing your home to stand out more at night.

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