How to prevent clogged drains this season

One of the most common calls we receive at Excalibur in Yorba Linda, CA is from a homeowner who has a serious problem with clogged drains. During the holidays, we receive a higher volume of calls regarding clogged drains than usual, and the reason is likely due to more people visiting homes during the holiday season, leading to more use of your home’s facilities and cooking related draining issues.
There are preventative steps you can take to protect your home from a drain emergency this holiday season, and we’ve put together this tip list for your convenience:
Garbage disposal tips:
Most people with garbage disposals know you can’t put certain things in the disposal, but your visitors may not be familiar with those rules. We suggest a small sign placed near the disposal with a very polite list of what NOT to put in it. (Like whole fruits, shells, hard nuts, grease and fibrous materials)
Toilet tips:
Clogged toilets are a top reason the Orange County plumbing experts at Excalibur are called and many times, there is an object or mass that is obstructing the flow of water. We have solved a number of issues for our clients, which can range from something simple like too much toilet paper to an overexcited younger family member clogging the toilet with a toy or stuffed animal. To help with the toilet paper issue, using biodegradable, fast dissolving toilet paper can help alleviate the issue.
Clogged sinks, tubs or shower tips
For sinks, tubs or showers, we often see a combination of hair, grease and other material that has congealed into a big mess. You could try to clear the clog yourself, but we recommend you call our plumber experts to get rid of the clog the correct way. We also recommend buying a mesh drain cover for all your drains to prevent the problem in the first place, especially during the holidays.
If you have clogged drains or other plumbing, electrical, heating or air conditioner issue in Orange County, CA, give Excalibur a call at 714-400-2378 and our professional teams will help you solve the problem so that you can enjoy holiday experiences in your home today.