Excalibur Aims to Help Yorba Linda Residents Reduce Carbon Monoxide Danger

Excalibur, a leading residential electrical, plumbing, heating and air conditioning company serving Orange County, is encouraging homeowners to take proactive steps and schedule a furnace tune-up to assess any potential safety risks, ensure smooth operation, and eliminate any unforeseen future breakdowns. A perfect time to do so is early fall before the temperature drops and the furnace becomes necessary.
Carbon monoxide is an odorless, colorless gas that can kill within minutes, and even survivors of CO poisoning can be left with psychological and neurological symptoms. One of the ways CO can invade the home is by way of a furnace that is in need of repair.
“Cracks in the fire box can cause carbon monoxide to enter the home,” said Brian Vardiman, owner of Excalibur. “As the fire box – or heat exchanger – heats up year after year when running, expansion and contraction of metal occurs and can cause cracks. Also, emission system or gas valve issues can have negative effects on the furnace. All of these conditions are dangerous. Homeowners need someone to inspect the system and determine if there is a possibility of getting exposed to carbon monoxide.”
Vardiman and Excalibur offer the following as reasons to scheduling a furnace tune-up by a professional technician:

  • Safety – Since 2011, it has been a California state law to have an installed and working carbon monoxide detector in the home. Carbon monoxide can begin to invade the home when cracks form in the walls of the heat exchanger or flue pipes. A professional checkup can prevent these cracks and defects from going unnoticed, and finding and fixing them can result in the prevention of potentially tragic results. Even if a detector is installed and working, it is best to avoid all possibility of CO entering the home.
  • General maintenance and performance improvements – During a visit, the technician will lubricate the motors and mechanical parts to ensure proper and smooth operation. The thermostat and electrical components will be inspected, and the filter will be changed if cleaned if necessary. These steps and checks are vital to ensure that the furnace will not fail during a cold-weather start up.
  • Efficiency – If the furnace is operating efficiently, the homeowner will experience more regulated and consistent temperatures as well as lower energy bills. Some of the maintenance checks, such as the cleaning or replacing of the filter, will increase efficiency and contribute to better air flow. Close inspection and cleaning of the evaporator coil, the part of the system that absorbs heat from the air, may also result in better air flow. Improving air flow, making sure the system is properly lubricated, and maintaining clean filters will all result in lower energy bills.

Vardiman has even decided to incentivize getting an already highly recommended annual furnace tune-up by offering a free carbon monoxide detector to every homeowner who schedules a furnace tune-up.
“We want Yorba Linda homeowners to be safe,” Vardiman said. “That’s why we’ve decided to give away a free carbon monoxide detector with every scheduled furnace tune-up. We want to help our customers have a worry-free winter.”
About Excalibur
Located in Yorba Linda, California, Excalibur has been providing services to Orange County and the surrounding areas since the 2003. Offering unparalleled experience to homeowners and small businesses, the Excalibur mission is to help people live in greater safety and comfort. All of its Orange County electricians, plumbers and heating and air experts are licensed, professionally trained and extensively experienced. Available 24/7 for repairs, Excalibur has helped homeowners maintain a comfortable living experience year-round.