Toilet Repair

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There’s not much worse, as a homeowner, than having someone beckon to you, worry in their eyes, after leaving your bathroom. You nod and head over, stomach in your throat. “Your toilet’s overflowing,” they say. “I walked in and….”

They trail off, and you know it’s bad. Shaking your head, you walk towards your bathroom. You’re greeted with water before you even walk in the door and, before you know it, you’re trudging through the water, plunger in hand, hoping you can get the water to stop running before any damage is done.

Instead of trying to solve the problem yourself, shut off the water to the toilet and call Excalibur. Your trusted plumbers in Orange County will come take care of the problem so you can get back to whatever you were enjoying before your toilet overflowed. We’ll let you know if the problem can be repaired or if you’ll need to choose a new toilet and let us install it for you. Either way, you’ll get the Excalibur (that’s why we chose our name!) for the best value.

Toilet Repair and Installation

So many things can go wrong with a toilet! Even if yours isn’t overflowing, you may need to have a repair done, or a new toilet installed, if you’re seeing the following things.

  • Your toilet runs all the time. This usually means you have a leak somewhere in your tank. The repair may be as simple as replacing the stopper. We’ll take a look and let you know.
  • Your toilet won’t flush. This often means that there’s not enough water in your tank to flush. We’ll figure out why and get it all fixed so your toilet works again, soon.
  • Your toilet leaks around the bottom. This is usually a problem with the seal around your toilet, or with the valve that lets water run to your toilet. We’ll figure out what’s going on and let you know how we’ll fix it. If we have to remove your toilet, this can be a good time to get a new toilet, if you’ve been wanting one.

We’ll always let you know if it will be more economical to replace your toilet rather than repair it, or if we see any problems that indicate that you should think about installing a new toilet rather than replacing the old one. If you choose the replacement for your Orange County home, we’ll help you find the toilet that’s best for you.

Give us a call the next time you have a problem with your toilet. We’ll come out as soon as it’s convenient for you, take a look at things, and let you know what the fastest, most convenient, most inexpensive fix will be. Once you agree to it, we’ll get the job done as soon as possible, and we’ll make sure you’re satisfied before we drive away. What better way to get your plumbing fixed than to call someone you know will do the job right, the first time?