Water Heater Installation and Repair

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Because it’s almost constantly having to work to heat water, your home’s water heater requires a lot of attention and frequent maintenance. Water heaters are put through a lot on a daily basis, so it’s almost impossible to know when a serious problem may crop up, or what “smaller” problems are waiting to turn disastrous. Our specialists who perform water heater repair in Orange County recommend you have a tune-up and inspection of your water heater once a year. This way, you’ll always know exactly what’s going on with it, and it will be kept in the best condition possible.
During a water heater tune-up, our professional Orange County plumbers will look at every part of your heater to make sure that it’s able to function as well as possible, and that no part of it will create any problems:

  • We’ll check your safety relief valve and emergency shutoff valve to make sure that your water heater is as safe as possible in case a problem does occur.
  • We’ll also test the water temperature to make sure it’s at an optimal level. It should be warm enough to take a hot shower comfortably, but not so warm that it could cause any safety concerns.
  • Then we’ll inspect your burner assembly, check the filters, and test the water pressure and the power supply that’s heating the water.
  • If you need water heater repair in Orange County, we’ll flush out the system to get rid of any debris that may cause a problem with the efficiency of the machine, and could lead to much larger problems in the future.

Benefits Of Having A Professional Water Heater Installation

Because your water heater is such a essential component of your plumbing system it is important to have a professional plumber to install it properly. Improper installation can cause a number of different problems with plumbing system. You could experience a lack of hot water in your shower, a loss of water pressure, or dirty and rust colored water. If you call Excalibur for the installation of your new water heater you can rest assured that the job is done right the first time. For quality plumbing services at a affordable price call your Orange County water heater installation professionals at Excalibur.

If you are looking for water heater repair in Orange County then please call Excalibur or complete our online request form today!