7 Warning Signs You Need Sewer Repair

Sewer repair is essential this fall if you want to enjoy the season free of any plumbing issues. However, some homeowners struggle with knowing when the time is right to call for help. So much, in fact, that their sewer problems worsen to the point where they need to consider replacing the sewer line altogether. The main reason is that the sewer line is primarily located underground. Since it is not immediately visible, you may not notice a problem even forming at all. It is only when it pops up in unexpected ways around the house do you realize something much more serious is occurring. When identifying the signs of a problem proves difficult, this can lead you to experience a number of problems. This includes higher costs on utility bills, clogged plumbing fixtures, and a general lack of sanitation, making home life unhealthy for everyone.

Calling Excalibur for Excellent Sewer Repair Services

However, we here at Excalibur want to remind you that identifying problems with your sewer line is not impossible. In fact, it may just be a matter of looking around the house and taking a closer look at a few things. Thanks to our experienced plumbers, you will be able to enjoy your plumbing system without the worry of sewer problems. One of our top goals is making sure homeowners have a better understanding of their plumbing system, and part of that is teaching them what to identify when they suspect something is up with their sewer line. From there, we can provide high-quality sewer repair that will meet all of your needs. Our team of plumbing contractors work quickly so you are not spending time with a faulty sewer line a moment longer.

How Can Our Service Help You?

Dealing with sewer problems probably isn’t your ideal way of spending the fall but thanks to our Orange County plumbers, you can enjoy the season to its fullest, especially when we can provide you with:

  • Improved level of home sanitation
  • Improved property resale value
  • Extended lifespan of plumbing fixtures
  • Property preservation
  • Extended sewer system lifespan
  • Better peace of mind

7 Warning Signs of a Sewer Problem

So, how exactly do you know when the time is right for sewer service? The next time you sense something is afoot with your plumbing system, please pay attention to the following 7 warning signs:

  1. Multiple Clogging Fixtures: When you have plumbing fixtures clogging all at the same time, you may find yourself with a huge plumbing emergency on your hands that may seem too great to overcome. However, the right solution to this problem is calling Excalibur for sewer repairs. One of our licensed plumbing contractors will be able to perform sewer drain cleaning that will eliminate clogs immediately.
  2. Nasty Odors: A faulty sewer line also runs the risk of raw sewage leaks, which can present itself in your homer through incredibly unpleasant odors. For the sake of your home’s atmosphere, this problem needs to be treated immediately. Not to mention, with a raw sewage leak, it needs to be cleaned up to protect your home’s level of sanitation.
  3. Strange Noises: Your sewer line should not make any noise when it is working well. However, if you hear, sounds like gurgling or water getting blocked in the pipes, it a sign that there is a blockage ready to take over your sewer line. Please call Excalibur for drain cleaning for effective clog removal.
  4. High Costs on Utility Bills: Sewer line problems may leave you with empty pockets due to high costs on water bills. Even the smallest leak in your sewer line may lead to plenty of gallons of water lost. Once you notice water bills becoming inexplicably high, you need to call a plumbing contractor who can make any necessary repairs to keep costs down.
  5. Cracked or Broken Pipes: Any physical damage in your pipes like cracks needs to be treated soon as possible, as it can both result in diminished performance from your plumbing system and higher costs on utility bills. If you wait too long for service, you may wind up having to consider more than just pipe repair. Replacement may be necessary instead.
  6. Tree Root Intrusion: If you have a lot of trees on your landscape, you have a higher risk of experiencing tree root intrusion in your sewer line.  If you begin to notice your fixtures clogging, this may be the reason. Fortunately, we can provide sewer video inspection to determine if tree roots are present within the line and then make any necessary repairs.
  7. Fluctuating Water Levels: The water levels in your toilet may look normal at first, but you may notice them beginning to fluctuate up and down, even when nobody in your household is using it. This may indicate a massive clog in your sewer line is ready to form and if you want to stop it in time, you need to call for sewer repair immediately. 

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