Water Heaters in Orange County: When is it Time for Replacement?

There are plenty of new water heaters in Orange County that guarantee hot water at a high level of energy and cost efficiency.  However, like any heating system, it’s bound to grow old and become ineffective. This can leave you in quite the jam when it comes to having hot water for your plumbing fixtures at all times. Worse, it may leave you with only cold water and as we all know, there’s no worse start to the day than receiving a blast of cold water for your morning shower.
Excalibur offers replacement service on water heaters in Orange County that can provide you with a brand new water heater that won’t leave you without hot water. While there’s no doubt water heaters in Orange County today can deliver great performance, we understand you’ll need to get rid of an old, faulty water heater at some point, which is why we offer around-the-clock service!

When Should You Replace Water Heaters in Orange County?

So, how exactly do you know when your water heater needs to be replaced? Well, here are a few common signs telling you it’s time

  • Lack of a Constant Flow of Hot Water: This indicated that the heating element isn’t working consistently. When your hot water lacks constant flow, it seriously disrupt your relaxing morning shower and keep you from getting those dishes washed.
  • No Hot Water: This signals that the heating element has completely malfunctioned. You need hot water for showers, washing dishes, and other daily activities, but no hot water can seriously disrupt your day-to-day activities.
  • Strange Noises: Excess ticking, whirring or clanging indicates that some of the elements are loose and/or broken. These noises can cause quite the fright, but a replacement can ease your fears immediately.
  • Murky or Orange Water: Over time, sediment and rust will build up in the tank. When the color of the water changes, it’s a sign that there’s an excess of these materials. Your water should be clear at all time and ready to use, but discolored water can place the health of all members of your household at risk.
  • Leaky Storage Leaks: Pooling water below the tank and rust on the outside of the tank indicate a leak. Leaks can waste up to hundreds of gallons of water and see the costs of your water bills raise dramatically, so it’s best to call for replacement service immediately so you don’t lose water or money.

Contact Excalibur now if you’re looking to replace water heaters in Orange County. We can replace the old with the new at a quick pace!