When Should You Consider Furnace Repair in Irvine CA?

Stay warm this holiday season with furnace repair in Irvine! While California may not be covered in snow during the winter like other parts of the country, there will still be plenty of chilly nights in the few months ahead. If you want to avoid shivering in your own home, then it’s important to make sure your furnace problems are squared away. You’ll be able to relax so much more this holiday season knowing you’ll have comforting heat for the entire season!
Excalibur should be your number-one service for furnace repair in Irvine, CA. Our team of furnace technicians are masterclass when it comes to serving up high-quality repair that will ensure your furnace will provide quality heat for long time to come, just in time for this holiday season. The main goal of our services is to see you with heat that keeps your family comfortable and those holiday spirits at an all-time high!

The Most Common Furnace Problems

Furnace repair in Irvine is made easy once you enlist the help of Excalibur. We can handle anything with your furnace, but here are some of the most common problems repaired by our heating experts:

  • Clogged or Dirty Filters: Though filters serve to maintain a steady flow of warmth in your home, you may experience insufficient heating once your filter get too dirty. A heating expert at Excalibur can clean or replace filters so your indoor air quality isn’t effected in any way! You’ll stay breathing so you can enjoy your holiday season so much more!
  • Poor Electrical Connections: Is your furnace not working like it should or maybe even not working at all? While this may indicate furnace replacement, it’s also a sign your furnace just may have poor electrical connections to keep it running. Call us up for furnace repair in Irvine and we’ll establish a stronger connection!
  • Malfunctioning Thermostats: The thermostat on your furnace is helpful in establishing a comfortable temperature that meet your individual heating demands. However, one common problem we often come across is malfunctioning thermostats that won’t give you the heat you want. This can result in your home seeing a higher rate of cold spots that throw off the consistency of your heating.
  • Decreased Air Flow: Your furnace should ideally have a nice, steady flow of air that keeps indoor air quality comfortable. However, if you begin to notice unbalanced air flow that jeopardizes the comfort in your home, please call for furnace repair in Irvine, CA. It could be indicative of many problems with your furnace’s internal components, so allow our team of heating experts to give it a close inspection!

Contact Excalibur today for furnace repair in Irvine, CA! If you want the latest furnace model in your home, call us now!