When Should You Consider Sump Pump Replacement in Orange County?

You can add sump pump replacement in Orange County on the list of things to do this season. In the past few months, Southern California has been met with some of its worst flooding and mudslides in years, leading to extensive property damage to the point where Orange County residents were forced out of their homes. While flooding in California can be intense, all residents need is a trusty sump pump to pull them through.
But what to do when that sump pump stops working? Well, you can call Excalibur today for sump pump replacement in Orange County to keep flooding away from your home. We believe you should just to have to settle for a life of flood damage, which is why we’re always ready to install a new sump pump in your home. Pick up the phone and call us at the first sign of a problem!

Warnings Signs for Replacement

Sump pumps are the number-one fighters against flooding and if you want to keep floods far, far away from your home, here are a few signs the time for replacement may be drawing nearer:

  • Unusual Noises: Your sump pump should always make a low humming noise when it’s turned on and doing its job. However, if you hear it begin to make stranger, louder noises, then it’s possibly time for replacement. These noises generally indicate a problem with the sump pump’s internal components, whether it be a damaged impeller or burnt bearing.
  • Slow Start-Up: Your sump pump should turn on and start sucking up water immediately. However, if you notice it’s taking longer than 5 to 10 minutes to get going, it’s a sign telling you it’s time for it to be replaced. This is usually a sign associated with old age. A new sump pump can will have a much quicker start-up time and combat floods more effectively.
  • Frequent Cycling: Have you been noticing your sump pump turning on and off on a frequent basis? Well, it possibly means you need to replace sooner than you realize. While cycling may be indicative of minor problems with your sump pump that you can fix on your own time, it may result in permanent damage if left untreated for a longer period of time.
  • Ineffective Flood Prevention: There’s a chance your sump pump isn’t working at all, and simply refuses to save your basement from the threat of flooding. It can be quite alarming when your sump pump stops working in the middle of a heavy rain storm, which is why replacement is more than ever!

Contact Excalibur today for sump pump replacement in Orange County. Call us now before the floods take over your basement!