3 Reasons to Consider Whole Home Surge Protection in Irvine, CA

Are you thinking of installing whole home surge protection in Irvine, CA? Keep reading to see what it is and why you need it in this digital day and age. Whole home surge protection only allows the amount of electricity you need while blocking over-voltages that can damage your devices and potentially damage the wiring and outlets in your home. Why install this protection in your home?

  1. The Digital Age Demands It
    Everyone uses electronics today in ways we often take for granted. Modern Irvine CA homes host multiple electronics in addition to more traditional appliances and all these things continually pull on your power supply.
  2. Surge Protection Can Minimize Potential Damage To Your Electronics
    Did you know a power surge can damage electric and electronic devices even when they’re not in use. Your home consumes less electricity when you unplug items not in use. This includes items like cell phone chargers, tablet chargers, toasters and small kitchen appliances. A whole home surge protector can help minimize damage to these everyday items which are frequently plugged in much more often than they’re in actual use.
  3. Surge Protection Can Minimize Potential Damage To Your Home
    Whole home surge protection is more dependable and reliable than strip surge protectors. Power strip surge protectors protect against small, hopefully, infrequent internal surges as needed. Whole home surge protectors are always working for you and can prevent minor and major damage, prolong the lifespan of your electrical and electronic items and can increase the functionality and value of your home.

Whole home surge protection in Irvine, CA is an essential tool for home maintenance and is an affordable must-have in today’s smart homes. Let our professional team provide you with a free consultation and estimate to turn your home into a power center. Call us today!